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Big Stone Therapies is proud to offer clinical experiences for Therapy Students...

Big Stone Therapies (BST) is proud to offer clinical experiences for Therapy Students. We work with many schools to bring you one of the best clinical internships in the area. We also invite students in to shadow a therapist if they are interested in the Therapy profession.


We have clinical instructors in almost all of our locations. Our locations offer outpatient, hospital acute and sub-acute care, long term care and private practice outpatient clinics.  BST’s settings offer therapists with varied experiences and from a variety of schools.  You can be confident that the therapists in each clinic are top-notch!  We offer a lot of continuing education, especially in manual therapy approaches.  We pride ourselves on utilization of manual therapy techniques and scientific therapeutic exercise to offer only the highest quality of care.


Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding student clinicals.


Skyler Siegel, Site Coordinator of Clinical Education
Big Stone Therapies, Inc.
500 Cross Street
Big Stone City, SD 57216
(605) 541-1153

Scholarship Program for Therapy Students


Big Stone Therapies (BST) is excited to announce our Scholarship Program for Therapy Students. This scholarship is available to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology students who are currently enrolled or have been accepted into an accredited Therapy program. We currently do not have scholarships available for assistant-level Therapists. The current scholarship amount is up to $10,000 for the duration of the graduate program.


We have designed this program to pay scholarship dollars up-front for the recipient to help defray education expenses. Upon graduation, the scholarship converts to a loan. This loan includes a contractual obligation for employment with Big Stone Therapies for a 3-year period. The loan and all accrued interest are fully forgiven after 3-years of employment with BST. It is our goal for you to never repay us a dime of this scholarship and become a long-time member of the BST family.


Our main focus for this program is students who are from the area, have strong ties to the communities which we serve and/or are likely to have an interest in employment with our company upon graduation. This program allows us to help you with the high costs of your education; but it also helps us to attract and secure great Therapists to allow us to continue our mission for the communities in which we currently serve as well as future opportunities which may present themselves.


Note: If you have an interest in completing a clinical affiliation with BST, you may need to first check with your school to ensure that the scholarship relationship won’t interfere with a clinical opportunity. If it does, we will just need to delay conversations about the scholarship program until after your clinical with BST is completed. It will not affect the scholarship dollar amount available to you. It will just affect the payment schedule for the scholarship.


If you have an interest in this program, please contact the Recruitment Department by calling 

(605) 541-1105 or by e-mailing



When you are ready to take the next step, please submit the application form by following this link: